Watch: All Sorts Of Awesome Science Fiction Super-Cut By Redditor

Aliens, mutants, superheroes, lay-zor-beams, lightsabers, spaceships, time-travel, zombies, mind-fraks and killer robots you say? You bet’cha, we’re there! Science Fiction is the best.

Have a watch of this amazing six-minute super-cut homage, to a hundred different top science fiction movies. It was edited together over the course of a month by Redditor, and features a good chunk of Hollywood’s best Sci-Fi movies. The “out-of-this-world” visual extravaganza, is kept in beat by the Glitch Mob’s remix of “Nalepa – Monday”.

Check it out and let us know what you think, Enjoy!

Nice, Nice, Niiiice.

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