Showcase: The Amazing Geek Culture Inspired Retro Art And Design Of Signalnoise

As mentioned in our previous post, Signalnoise, a.k.a Canadian born James White, is one of the two members of Mystery Box Studios. He has worked for well established brands like Google, Nike and Universal, and has been featured in worldwide creative publications such as Computer Arts magazine, Computer Arts Projects, Advanced Photoshop magazine and Wired UK.

James has always wanted to be a designer, and says this about himself:

I have been a creative person ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil at the age of 4. I started drawing on every scrap of paper I could find to the point where my mother couldn’t keep typewriter paper in the house without my finding and stealing it.

He then went on to study graphic design and immediately after he had finished college, he found work in the booming web industry of the 90s.

In recent times, he created the brilliant and very inspiring, his personal art blog which has grown into an online store where he sells posters and prints. He also recently produced a piece for the Wes Anderson ‘BAD DADS’ art show, (see previous post here), which took place at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco on October 26th, featuring a poster of Bill Murray’s character, Steve Zissou from ‘The Life Aquatic‘.

Take a look through some of the drool inducing favourites from Signalnoise’s body of work and fan art below. Featuring stunning film posters redesigns, including an officially licensed poster for ‘Drive’ and official logo designs for ‘Hobo With a Shotgun’, plus amazing retro logos and deadly 80s vibin’ original pieces. His style is truly awesome and is very clearly inspired by pop, geek and subcultures – I could spend all day looking at his stuff, it would be really cool to get involved with him somehow in the future. ENjoy!

For more on Signalnoise you can head over to his Gallery | Blog.