Invasion Preview Bzdart x Return to Fleet Crop“…333 years from now; our planet has been overrun; and our populations enslaved by an organisation of power hungry alien raiders known as, Psylaks. The skeleton crew aboard a modified Revenger class cruise ship are leading the Fleet back to Earth. This time, they have a Master…”


Launched in Dublin, Ireland during the summer of 2012 with the intention of creating a familiar hang out spot on-line, Return to Fleet is a growing independent website galvanised by sci-fi, comics, tattoos, streetwear, and (most importantly) its fans. Keeping you inspired it transmits blog posts covering; art, design, movies, games, and entertainment.


To disclose the cosmic adventure Return to Fleet now creates limited apparel and prints that feature original designs by a growing roster of artists, which so far includes; Chez Meka, Jeremy Wheeler, James Neale, Lokhaan and BZ-Douglas.

The goal is to continually release awesome original gear that resonates with people and the finished products hopefully reflect that passion; which comes with personal customer service, quality materials, and high attention to detail. Plus, no worries on returns.


‘Exclusive one-of-a-kind designs and artwork stylishly printed on comfy tees’ / ‘Awesome blog posts to look at and share’… If either of these statements loads your blaster then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Please check back often to show support; keep an eye on the ground at conventions; join in on social media; or subscribe to our Newsletter below.

Good Hunting.

Fleet Commander


Can I help with anything? Or do you have any questions about our apparel or blog?

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