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Movie Poster Prints & Artwork by Tomer Hanuka

Tomer Hanuka is an Illustrator and a comics artist from Israel. At age 22, Hanuka moved to NY. Following his graduation from the School of Visual Arts, he quickly became a regular contributor to many national magazines. His clients include Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Spin, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, MTV, and Saatchi... Read more »

Blockbuster Cinema Bar Presents: SuperRoutine by Nadzeya Makeyeva

Nadzeya Makeyeva is a creative designer based in Minsk, Belarus. Her series of geeky superhero illustrations; featured below; was commissioned by BlockBuster Cinema Bar. The art pieces depict a whole host of our favourite characters from comics performing everyday routines in a stylish and colourful way! We’ve got Supes doing the ironing, Wolvie doin’ the washing and Wonder Woman out... Read more »

Movie Posters, Designs and Treasure Maps by Arno Kiss

Belgian born artist and illustrator Arno Kiss has created a host of amazing prints and designs. His most recent two movie poster reworks for The Sword in the Stone and Gulliver’s Travels are a tasty treat for the eyeballs indeed. Clients include: Live Nation, Iam8bit, Capcom, Firebrand Live, Palm, Gallery 1988, Bob Weir, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain... Read more »