Mega Man Takes On Street Fighter 8-Bit Style For His 25th Anniversary, Trailer And Details

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rockman portrait geek art by duhokama

Mega-Man/Rockman Portrait by Duhokama

To celebrate the 25th anniversaries of both Mega-Man and Street Fighter, Capcom are planning to release, for free, a brand new 8-bit video game titled, ‘Street Fighter X Megaman. The game won’t be a beat em’ up, this time Ryu, Ken, and Chuners are going to get all retro 8-bit stylee, and will take the fight to a world Mega-Man fans are more familiar with.

Mega-Man x Street Fighter New Game 8-Bit Header Image Poster

The game will see Mega-Man take on Street Fighter characters, as the final bosses in each newly designed level. Like before, after each boss is defeated, Mega-Man will absorb the powers of his bested foes. Sounds great, but the best news is, that the game will be free to download straight to your PC, on December 17th. Awesome, thanks Capcom!

Check out the trailer below. Oh also, the Mega-Man oil painting featured above is by artist, Duhokama, for more of his deadly Mega-Man art, check out our previous transmission here.