Netflix’s New Horror Adventure Show ‘Stranger Things’ – A Fan Art Collection

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stranger-things-fan-art-by-scottie-young 11

Stanger Things, a new Netflix show starring Wynona Ryder, centres around a group of kids that have lost a core member of their kid squad, Will. While searching for their pal they come across a lost young girl with supernatural abilities seemingly on the run from organisation that wishes to study and use her. Known only known only as “11”, she possesses the power to manipulate and move matter with her mind. The gang keep her safe and enlist her help to find the missing boy – who seems to be trapped in another “dimension” of sorts.

Dealing with the concept of duality and playing with the idea of conscious human evolution, I’d describe it as sorta like ‘Twilight Zone’ meets ‘Stand by Me’.

We’ve gathered some cool looking fan art for your perusal to check out below and get you excited for watching the show, if you haven’t already, which is off to a great start for it’s first season containing 8 killer episodes >>> Trailer after the work >>

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‘Stranger Things’ (Fan-Art Poster) by J Caleb Design

“Eleven” by David Slebodnick

011 by Miranda Meeks

Stanger Things Fan Art by Brian Fabrydorsam

Stranger Things Fan Art by LaPendeja

Stranger Things Fan Art by Michael Regina

Stranger Things Illustration of Laurie Greasley

stranger_things___dustin_by_ruizburgos-dabopon stranger_things___eleven_by_ruizburgos-dacopuh