RTF’s ‘Geeky Tattoos’ #5 – Star Wars Tattoos


Return To Fleet brings to you another collection of fan ink for your viewing pleasure. Get some inspiration or just admire some of the worlds most geekishly awesome tattoos.

This time we’re going to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… to check out some Star Wars fans tattoos.

First up is the bad-ass Boba Fett ‘Gone Hunting’ tattoo done by Zooki at Bright Side Tattoo, Denmark.

“Bad Motivator” by William Bracey of New Orleans, LA

All seeing Jabba!

Boba Fett Skull by Adam Perj at South Shore Tattoo, Amityville NY

Commander Cody by Thomas Kersnowsky at Star Wars Celebration VI

Darth Vader and Jon Goad by Born This Way Body Arts, Knoxville, TN

AT-ST by Zooki, Bright Side Tattoo, Copenhagen.

Greedo by Mike Nomy at South Shore Tattoo Co. in Amityville, NY

Trooper by Jah Love Tattoo in Warsaw

“Storm” Trooper by Scotty Munster at Olde Town Tattoo in St. Cloud, MN

Lil’ Wampa

Admiral Ackbar “It’s a trap!”

Troopers Grave

Wicket Spikes Jar-Jar

Pin-up Fett by Hand of Doom Tattoos in Buffalo, NY

Yoda done at Sacred Tattoo, Finland

Twi’lek Slave by London Slade at Lost Anchor Tattoo Parlour, Oshawa Ontario, Canada

Assortment by Danielle Marie at Shop Legacy Arts Tattoo, Texas

Boba Fett by Drew Cottom at Amillion Tattoo in Austin, Tx

Nouveau Leia

Leia by Danny Derrick at San Luis Tattoo, CA

Chewie Pit

BONUS – Jolie Rouge Tattoo in North London hosts a Star Wars Tattoo Day. Check it out:

That concludes that – ’til next time!

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