Art Showcase: Slick Graphic Illustrations And Typography By Hydro74 The Purveyor Of Sin

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Hydro74 is an Orlando based designer, otherwise known as Joshua M. Smith. His main body of works consists of bold typography and really detailed graphic illustrations.

Earlier this year Hydro74 was invited to be part of Star Wars Celebration, which is a massive trade show and convention for Star Wars geeks.  Lucas Films contacted Hydro74 to develop a Storm Trooper piece (featured above) and be part of it’s Artist Alley, which included some of the best Star Wars / Lucas Films artists of all time. From story boarders from Empire Strikes Back, to Film Poster Artists and Comic Book artists.

On his illustrative work, he comments:

Complexity and a fluid organic approach is what is highly valued in each and every piece. A Illustration to me is something that tells a story with out words needed. It builds a bond with the viewer who will either get it, or find it horrible, yet, the interaction is what is desired when doing a piece. Some Illustrations are trend based iconic structures meant to embrace the masses to encourage sales, while others are explorations turned to symbolic ideas on paper or fabric. Illustration is something I find deep meaning in.

His typography skills are awesome and have been hunted by famous popular brands like Adidas (featured above)Harley-Davidson and Levi’s. On his typography he has this to say:

Typography is far more than just a simple addition to a product or brand, it is what sets the tone for the entire piece. Each letter has a way of reacting and uniting to form meaningful, powerful words that embrace a sense of emotion or power. With that knowledge, producing pieces that best represent the needs is what Hydro74 prides itself on to help other brands find their identity and voice, philosophically and aesthetically.

He also has a store, called ‘Legacy of Defeat’ where he sells his hand crafted and superbly designed typefaces (featured above) – if your in the market for some awesome new badass fonts, I’d recommend checking it out. Some of them are free too – which is awful nice!

Laser Engraving

This guy has too much great stuff, it was hard to pick which ones to post up, so there’s a whole heap below (40 or so images) to have a look through, including: some more Star Wars fan art illustrations, amazing gig posters for massive bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Muse, there’s even a couple of sweet snow board designs, some of which are laser engraved onto the wood (featured above), and a few kidrobot toys. eNjoy!

For more on Hydro74, you can head over to his sites | or if you’d like to buy prints of his work you can go here