Showcase: The Amazing Unconventional Comic Art Of Rafael Grampá


Rafael Grampá is a Brazilian comic book artist, cartoonist and writer. Infusing his work with amazing lines, stunning colours and fantastic details, he puts his own unique style stamp onto everything he creates.

Having put together an official Uncanny X-Force variant cover for popular Marvel Comics series, plus a few other covers for various issues of some of DC’s popular Vertigo Comics publications, Rafael is definitely one to follow and watch out for in the future.

He also worked on an eight page one-shot story for Marvel’s anthology, Strange Tales II. His story in Strange Tales II, followed Wolverine going up against the world. In the excerpt featured above, you can see Wolverine going head-to-head with Deadpool.

The last thing he worked on was his newest comic book, a six-issue post-apocalyptic action graphic novel called ‘Furry Water’ (pictured above), which was published by Dark Horse Comics.

Rafael Grampa doing a Spider-Man sketch for a fan during Rio Comicon

Check out a selection of his unconventionally amazing comic art below, from his awesome Nightcrawler and Daredevil redesigns to his modern re-works of Batman, all of it is a pleasure to look at.

For more on the artist you can head over to his website here.

Uncanny X-Force Variant Cover by Rafael Grampa