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A New Collection of Awesome Star Wars Prints

Here’s a breath-taking collection of awesome Star Wars art pieces to soothe your mind this fine evening! As found over on the Poster Posse website, this deadly collection are all available on the Le Cafe Pixel‘s e-store! Take a scroll and check em’ all out below! EnJoy! – FC “Asteroids” by Andy Fairhurst “Immune to Light” by The... Read more »

Trip Out to Glitched Gif Animations by Aaron Jablonski

Gifs are a guaranteed stop and stare for me when browsing online. I came across a particularly catchy collection of glitchy scenes from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pulp Fiction, The Shining and a few others – all created by German media artist, Aaron Jablonski. Loving the freaky vibes and lurid trippy colours used. On his... Read more »

The Underrated Hand Painted Backdrops of Star Wars

Over December while re-watching the nostalgic magnificence that is the original Star Wars trilogy. I was awestruck like never before from noticing some of the more eloquent qualities of the films with my newer, older, more finely tuned eyeballs. For the truly authentic “Han Shot First” oscar winning experience, this time around I managed to get my hands on Harmy’s de-specialized edition of... Read more »