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MondoCon TX Poster Releases and Products

MondoCon is held annually in Austin, Texas. The crew have released some awesome looking movie poster prints, pins and apparel on their online store and you can check out some photos from the event here. The numbered screen-printed set created by a host of talented artists include, ‘The Martian’ by Oliver Barrett, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ by Jock,... Read more »

Dr. Strange Poster Posse Series of Artwork

“You think you know how the world works. You think this material universe is all there is. What if I told you the reality you know is one of many?” – The Ancient One To coincide with the release of Marvel’s new cinematic feature Dr. Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Poster Posse have put together... Read more »

Marvel Comics Character: Nate ‘X-Man’ Grey

“Nate Grey is an adolescent who is unprepared physically, mentally and emotionally to contain such devastating power. A power, if corrupted, that could consume him utterly, as well as all around him.” An old favourite that could totally do with a revitalisation — X-Man, aka Nate Grey, is an alternate version of the regular Marvel... Read more »