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Blockbuster Cinema Bar Presents: SuperRoutine by Nadzeya Makeyeva

Nadzeya Makeyeva is a creative designer based in Minsk, Belarus. Her series of geeky superhero illustrations; featured below; was commissioned by BlockBuster Cinema Bar. The art pieces depict a whole host of our favourite characters from comics performing everyday routines in a stylish and colourful way! We’ve got Supes doing the ironing, Wolvie doin’ the washing and Wonder Woman out... Read more »

Sci-Fi’s ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Empire Strikes ...

Check out these slick graphic posters and fan artwork for two of sci-fi’s biggest blockbusters, Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ and the late great Irvin Kershner’s ‘Stars Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’. The posters were awesomely created by upcoming Irish graphic designer and Fleet favourite James Neale. James is studying visual communications at I.A.D.T in Dublin and is currently working his way towards finishing... Read more »