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Stylish Movie Posters Designs by GABZ feat True Romance, Iron Man, ...

Gabz is a Polish illustrator whose alternative movie posters have always stood out for being super clean and stylish. We’ve featured his video-game poster designs before, this time check out a collection featuring his take on posters for the cult classic films; True Romance, Iron Man, Inception, Dredd, Terminator 1&2, Mulholland Drive, Escape from New York, Apocalypse... Read more »

Official Lucasfilm Illustrations by Robert Hendrickson

Florida based illustrator/designer, Robert Hendrickson has been creating official work for Lucasfilm since 2005. His amazing traditional art can be seen in the pages of Star Wars Insider, on limited edition prints for Star Wars Celebration, and Star Wars Celebration Japan. Take a look through a collection of his dreamy coloured pieces below. If you’re interested in... Read more »