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Awesome Digital Poster Art by Vincent Aseo – The Force Awakens, ...

Vincent Aseo or more commonly known as “Aseo” is a designer/illustrator based in the Philippines. Since 2010 he’s been working on his digital illustrative style and has recently been grabbing peoples attention with his organically coloured pop-culture poster art. Check out a collection of his more recent work below. Starting off with his latest awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens print, then featuring some... Read more »

Interview: Alexander Iaccarino’s Awesome Neon Genesis Evangelion ...

To coincide with the release of the latest movie instalment from the sci-fi anime series ‘Evangelion’. Aspiring artist and R.T.F favourite, Alexander Iaccarino (a.k.a That Kid Who Draws) has spent the last month cooking up a deadly looking personal illustration inspired by the franchise. The poster is titled “Welcome to the Apocalypse”, and each section of it is as usual, passionately drawn and superbly detailed. It features... Read more »

Anime Style Game Of Thrones Fan Art Posters By Joscomie

Game of Thrones season 3’s release date was confirmed earlier this month, it will be back in our homes on the 31st of March next year.  To coincide with the awesome announcement that winter is coming back, Joscomie is a Chinese artist who has created two digital pieces. One that puts 49 characters from the show into... Read more »