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Lokhaan X Return to Fleet — New DCC 16′ Gear Preview

Greetings crew believers! I am happy to announce that the Fleet will be returning again to this years Dublin Comic Con for a fun filled weekend of high calibre shenanigans. It’s all taking place in the Convention Centre located on Spencer Dock at the river mouth of Ireland’s cool-ass capital city. The event will kick off on August 6th and 7th this year!... Read more »

Amazing Marvel Art and Illustrations by Mike Zeck

Mike Zeck, is an American comic book illustrator best known for his work on MARVEL‘s Captain America, Spider Man and The Punisher. Zeck began his comics career in 1974. His earlier, old school 70s-80s splash page and cover illustrations (inked and finished) are by far the favourites. Check out a collection below including Marvel Villain Dr. Doom, Daredevil,... Read more »