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Blockbuster Cinema Bar Presents: SuperRoutine by Nadzeya Makeyeva

Nadzeya Makeyeva is a creative designer based in Minsk, Belarus. Her series of geeky superhero illustrations; featured below; was commissioned by BlockBuster Cinema Bar. The art pieces depict a whole host of our favourite characters from comics performing everyday routines in a stylish and colourful way! We’ve got Supes doing the ironing, Wolvie doin’ the washing and Wonder Woman out... Read more »

Netflix’s New Horror Adventure Show ‘Stranger Things’ ...

Stanger Things, a new Netflix show starring Wynona Ryder, centres around a group of kids that have lost a core member of their kid squad, Will. While searching for their pal they come across a lost young girl with supernatural abilities seemingly on the run from organisation that wishes to study and use her. Known only known only as... Read more »