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MondoCon TX Poster Releases and Products

MondoCon is held annually in Austin, Texas. The crew have released some awesome looking movie poster prints, pins and apparel on their online store and you can check out some photos from the event here. The numbered screen-printed set created by a host of talented artists include, ‘The Martian’ by Oliver Barrett, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ by Jock,... Read more »

Marvel’s New ‘What if? Infinity’ Series Cover Artwork

Marvel Comics’ ‘What If?’ irregular series explores how the Marvel Universe might have unfolded if key moments in its history happened differently. Following on from their latest multi-comic main event ‘Infinity’. This new collection of 5 mini-stories delves into scenarios such as; What if Thanos had joined the Avengers to battle back the invading Builders? What if... Read more »