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‘Superhistory’ A Wartime Geek Photography Series By Agan Harahap

By manipulating and inserting popular culture icons into memorable political and wartime photographs from the mid-20th century, Indonesian photographer, Agan Harahap, has cleverly put together a series that makes you rethink history, for a brief moment, before you release it’s all just a tongue-in-cheek trick. You’ve got Superman with Allied troops at the Normandy D-Day Landings; Batman... Read more »

Showcase: Official Beautiful Digital Art For Marvel By Marko Djurdjevic Of ...

SIXMOREVODKA is a Berlin based outsourcing partner for the entertainment industry with a focus on 2D artwork and art related services. It was founded by Marko Djurdjevic, a German illustrator and concept artist of Serbian descent, who has made a name for himself with Marvel, by creating stunning and original digital art. Some of the studios other more notable clients include Blizzard, Warner Bros, Ubisoft,... Read more »

RTF’s ‘Geekfiti Street Art’ #2 – The ...

Return To Fleet brings to you its second collection of pop/geek culture inspired street art grafitti, for your viewing pleasure. This time we’ll take a look at the awesome hyper-realistic art of ‘Smug One’. British street artist Smug One is known for his incredibly detailed, realistic photographic murals, including characters that a few comic book and... Read more »