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Chris Skinner’s Superbly Detailed Illustrations and Prints

From Sheffield in the UK, Chris Skinner is a freelance designer who’s got a serious knack for creating amazingly detailed fan art illustrations and prints. His work came onto my radar when he released a series of Star Wars pieces made for an art show at Hero Complex Gallery LA. The series was called, “Viewpoints”, and featured stunning looking... Read more »

D.I.C.E. (Dublin International Comic Expo) 2014

Some scenes from this weekends D.I.C.E. (Dublin International Comic Expo) in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin. L00t was scored, laughs were had. Picked up some innovative and entertaining new independent sci-fi comics, Freak Out Squares #1-2 & Exit Generation #1-3. A signed Punisher illustration by comic artist John Mc Crea. A copy of Avengers #134 (1975);... Read more »