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Beautiful Illustrations and Designs by Christian Ward

Christian Ward aka Pixel Splash is a London-based professional illustrator, comic artist and writer. Some of his clients include Marvel Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, The Guardian, Fence Records and Forbidden Planet amongst others. We’ve gathered a collection of his beautiful abstract illustrations, comic art and designs for you to look through below. Featuring pieces for Doctor Who,... Read more »

Alex Ross’ New Marvel Art for Comic Con

Alex Ross’ acclaimed paintings have reached audiences through the media of comic books, movie posters, and video game packaging. His original artwork has been featured in the Norman Rockwell Museum in NY and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Check out a new collection of pieces that will be on display at this years San... Read more »

ROM: Spaceknight – Marvels Unsung Cosmic Hero! (Art Collection)

A fascination with MARVEL‘s lesser known intergalactic hero, ROM has taken over recently. Seeing as it’s his 35th anniversary we feel compelled to share his awesomeness with you. Shall we say it’s Return to Fleet‘s “ROMANCE Tribute Special”! 🙂 The character made his first comic book appearance in ^^ Rom, Spaceknight #1 (December 1979) by Bill Mantlo and... Read more »