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MondoCon TX Poster Releases and Products

MondoCon is held annually in Austin, Texas. The crew have released some awesome looking movie poster prints, pins and apparel on their online store and you can check out some photos from the event here. The numbered screen-printed set created by a host of talented artists include, ‘The Martian’ by Oliver Barrett, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ by Jock,... Read more »

Mondo Artist Mike Mitchell’s Film Posters And Art – E.T, ...

Based in Los Angeles, pop culture artist Mike Mitchell has created an awesome film poster for Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic, E.T (featured above). Mike is one of Mondo’s artists and the poster dropped on the Mondo website today. Mitchell’s work has also been featured on the prestegious walls in Gallery1988, for a solo show called “Just Like Us”,... Read more »

Interview: Alexander Iaccarino’s Awesome Neon Genesis Evangelion ...

To coincide with the release of the latest movie instalment from the sci-fi anime series ‘Evangelion’. Aspiring artist and R.T.F favourite, Alexander Iaccarino (a.k.a That Kid Who Draws) has spent the last month cooking up a deadly looking personal illustration inspired by the franchise. The poster is titled “Welcome to the Apocalypse”, and each section of it is as usual, passionately drawn and superbly detailed. It features... Read more »