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Awesome Digital Poster Art by Vincent Aseo – The Force Awakens, ...

Vincent Aseo or more commonly known as “Aseo” is a designer/illustrator based in the Philippines. Since 2010 he’s been working on his digital illustrative style and has recently been grabbing peoples attention with his organically coloured pop-culture poster art. Check out a collection of his more recent work below. Starting off with his latest awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens print, then featuring some... Read more »

Bad Actors and Blade Runner Graphic Designs by Mink Couteaux

Mink Couteaux was featured on the site back in 2012 in a post showcasing his ‘future-stylin’ graphic posters and designs. Since then he’s built up an amazing portfolio of vibrant eye-catching illustrations under his new company name ‘Merged Visible’. Included below for you to check out are his character portraits from Ridley Scott’s always a treat Blade Runner,... Read more »

Amazing Marvel Art and Illustrations by Mike Zeck

Mike Zeck, is an American comic book illustrator best known for his work on MARVEL‘s Captain America, Spider Man and The Punisher. Zeck began his comics career in 1974. His earlier, old school 70s-80s splash page and cover illustrations (inked and finished) are by far the favourites. Check out a collection below including Marvel Villain Dr. Doom, Daredevil,... Read more »