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‘ToysRLikeUs’ Photography by SANTLOV

SANTLOV, is an amateur photographer and collector of toys and figurines. Under the headline ToysRLikeUs, Santlov photographs some familiar pop culture characters in ways we’ve never seen them before. The end result is a super-great fun collection of photos – that I think we might be a little bit obsessed with now. Take a scroll though a... Read more »

Mostly Awesome, Fan-Modified Stormtrooper Cosplay Suits

“Ah, the humble stormtrooper. For some, it’s a symbol of Imperial oppression. For others, it’s a joke about bad blaster aim. And for still others, it’s a canvas just waiting for a creative cosplayer to imprint their vision on it. Some take a simple approach, amending the classic suit with a hat or a cape... Read more »