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Lokhaan X Return to Fleet — New DCC 16′ Gear Preview

Greetings crew believers! I am happy to announce that the Fleet will be returning again to this years Dublin Comic Con for a fun filled weekend of high calibre shenanigans. It’s all taking place in the Convention Centre located on Spencer Dock at the river mouth of Ireland’s cool-ass capital city. The event will kick off on August 6th and 7th this year!... Read more »

‘Keep Pushing’; An Inspiring Art Series by Chez Meka

If evocative pop-culture infused art is what you’re into then Chez Meka is the man for you. Based out of Montreal, I fell in love with his work after stumbling across his lively coloured illustrative series of skateboarding icons called ‘Push’. The humorous and inspiring collection features his inviting, street-style formula stamped onto a bunch of easily recognisable characters; ranging... Read more »