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Showcase: Collection of Incredible Artworks by Simone Bianchi

Simone Bianchi (born July 10, 1972) is an Italiancomic bookillustrator, painter, graphic designer and art instructor, known to Italian audiences for his work in comics, CD covers, music videos, TV commercials and role-playing games, and to American comic book readers for his work on comics such as Detective Comics, Green Lantern and Wolverine. Bianchi’s style... Read more »

Fun Comic Book Album Cover Parodies By Uwe de Witt

German freelance-artist, Uwe de Witt has created a fun series of album cover parodies, featuring comic book characters from the Marvel and DC universes. We’ve got Dr. Strange’s Dark Side of the Moon, Wolver Springsteen, and The X-Men/The Police – Ghost in the Machine album cover. He also has done some pretty cool digital fan art paintings,... Read more »