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Showcase: The Amazing Unconventional Comic Art Of Rafael Grampá

Rafael Grampá is a Brazilian comic book artist, cartoonist and writer. Infusing his work with amazing lines, stunning colours and fantastic details, he puts his own unique style stamp onto everything he creates. Having put together an official Uncanny X-Force variant cover for popular Marvel Comics series, plus a few other covers for various issues of some of... Read more »

Neil Gaiman Reveals ‘Sandman’ Movie Pitch Art

Comic writer and artist Neil Gaiman , most famous for his Vertigo series ‘Sandman’, posted a link on his twitter page to some concept illustrations by Jill Thompson. Some years ago the art was used for a Sandman movie pitch that Gaiman made to Warner Bros. The studio obviously didn’t pick up what he was dropping down. I’d guess that... Read more »