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Preview Works From Gallery Guzu’s Pop Culture Art Show, ...

Starting on November 30th Guzu Gallery of Austin, Texas is hosting their first ever silkscreen print-show called ‘Strange Beasts: A Tribute to the Japanese Kaiju Phenomenon’. Everyone knows at least one of the famous Kaiju creatures from Japanese cinema, namely Godzilla! Fleet favourites Joshua Budich, Tim Doyle and Alexander Iaccarino will all be there, having each created an awesome... Read more »

RTF’s ‘Geek Street Art’ #4

Few spray cans, a nice big clean wall, a bitta artistic shazamo + a ‘can do’ attitude = ‘Geek Street Art’! Check out our fourth, fun collection of pop and geek culture inspired street art / graffiti. With images and videos of pieces paying tribute to sci-fi, fantasy, video-games and comics by awesome artists from all... Read more »