Watch: ‘Bravest Warriors’ From The Creator Of Adventure Time, First Episode And Concept Art


Bravest Warriors is a new sci-fi geeky animated series from the creator of Adventure TimePendleton Ward. Need we say more. YUSSS!

The show follows a group of kids Chris, Beth, Wallow and Danny on their adventures through space. With quotes from the episode like, “Professor Fartsparkles will explain, but first I must wake him from his Time Nap,” I’m sure everyone’s going to love it, just as much as they love Adventure Time – ok, maybe not just as much, but close.

The best news is, that the first brilliant episode has gone online, thanks to cartoonhangover. Check it out below, followed by some awesome concept art for the series.

One great concept from the show is the “Holo-John”, forget playing on your iphone or DS while you poop, they have a holographic video game system installed! Check out a bit of test footage from the series, the voice acting and animation is obviously all wrong, but you get the idea.

Here’s some more concept images to get you hyped for the show.

Character Line Art by Phil Rynda

City Art by Steven Sugar

The Team’s Asteroid Hangout

Beth Tezuka Art by Breehn Burns – Apparently her existence is a threat to the universe!